Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ink-jet printer business.

The ink-jet printer is one of the latest collections of printer in IT industry. It has different kinds of class. Commercial jet that had to have two brands, HP and Epson, as first proposed the concept of business jet manufacturers, the concept of HP's business jet and commercial jet products has been a bland, slow product updates, promotional efforts small business jet has not been pushed to the HP in the field of black and white Jida high. One for business jet aircraft, in which situation better than many single-function inkjet printer, features high integration, compared to separate single-function equipment procurement, clear price advantage, so attractive to consumers than one functional products is much higher. However, one machine compared to black and white laser and single-function monochrome laser printers, at this stage of the business jet is just a preliminary stage; commercial jet age has not really arrived. One of the greatest advantage of ink-jet printer is user can easily used it. Read more

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